• Deve­lo­ped for sealing of Kaplan bla­des 
  • Also sui­ta­ble for use on pivot pins 
  • Usable for water and oil hydrau­lics


  • Radi­al adap­ta­bi­li­ty com­pen­sa­tes for off­set and misa­lign­ment
  • Easy to hand­le due to robust con­struc­tion 
  • For retro­fits the seals can be adap­ted to exis­ting instal­la­ti­on dimen­si­ons
  • Avail­ab­le in any dia­me­ter up to ca. 2,500 mm


From ‑20 to +200 °C

but depen­dent on the sealing ring mate­ri­al and the O‑ring mate­ri­al in each case.


Type 449:

IDG stan­dard sealing ring mate­ri­al

  • 52B

O‑ring elas­to­mer

  • NBR

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Kaplan tur­bi­nes are typi­cal­ly used for river power plants on calm waters. The bla­de ang­le run­ner bla­des (Kaplan bla­des) is adjus­ta­ble. The pres­su­re of the water flow, which is con­trol­led by the gui­de vanes of the upstream wicker gate, can then be effi­ci­ent­ly con­ver­ted into ener­gy.

The bidi­rec­tio­n­al MANOY® sys­tem seal WP, type 444, in the form of a con­ti­nuous ring was deve­lo­ped to pro­tect the hydrau­lic adjust­ment device and pre­vent hydrau­lic flu­id leaka­ge.

Type 449 is par­ti­cu­lar­ly use­ful for main­ten­an­ce work becau­se rather than being con­ti­nuous in cir­cum­fe­rence, the seal is open and has a gui­de bla­de.