Dosing pis­ton for use in dosers for filling/ bott­ling of food­s­tuffs in liquid to pas­te form


  • All the func­tions – pumping/displacing, scra­ping and sealing – are com­bi­ned in a sin­gle com­po­nent 
  • The inte­gral con­struc­tion pro­vi­des a com­ple­te­ly smooth sur­face wit­hout gaps 
  • Wide pro­duct and tem­pe­ra­tu­re spec­trum
  • Plastic ver­si­on for CIP (Clea­ning In Place) pro­ces­ses, high abra­si­on resis­tan­ce 
  • Low fric­tion 
  • Avail­ab­le in any dia­me­ter from 12 mm to 70 mm (lar­ger dia­me­ters on request)


From +5 to +80 °C.

Extre­me alter­na­ting tem­pe­ra­tures during the fil­ling ope­ra­ti­on should be avoi­ded due to ther­mal expan­si­on of the plastic.


IDG mate­ri­al

  • H13 stan­dard mate­ri­al impro­ved wear resis­tan­ce

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Design infor­ma­ti­on for housings with auto­ma­tic clea­ning

For CIP (Clea­ning In Place), the MANOY® AS dosing pis­ton is remo­ved from the dosing hole. A simp­le ver­ti­cal wash in the hole is sui­ta­ble and suf­fi­ci­ent.

After the clea­ning pro­cess the MANOY® AS dosing pis­ton may only be moved into the dosing hole when a tem­pe­ra­tu­re clo­se to the ope­ra­ting tem­pe­ra­tu­re (ope­ra­ting tem­pe­ra­tu­re +20 °C), and not to exceed +80°C, has been reached.

A feed cone into the dosing hole of 10° max. and roun­ded edges are essen­ti­al.